Problem Solved : After Downloading file, Update progress remains

What the Problem was ? I made an update panel, inside it was a file link(link button). On click of the file link update progress starts showing the loading image, when the download box comes either you save, open or close it. Loading/Spinning image is still there.

Actual code creating the problem was ? Response.redirect was redirecting the page to FileDownload.aspx ,from where the download box(file) comes with the save, open or close options.

Solution : Remove the Response.redirect(“FileDownload.aspx”) and redirect to this page with javascript.

STEP 1: Replace the Response.Redirect(“FileDownload.aspx”) with this :

ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this, this.GetType(), "Download", "GotoDownloadPage();", true);

this will call the javascript function GotoDownloadPage();

STEP 2 : Define the function within javascript script tag as


Problem Solved.

Tip: if you want to send some documentId like parameters to the FileDownload page, you can use session variables.

Thnx. Happy Coding…